Nulite Music proudly announces the release of "Arise! New Jewish Music by Sy Kushner”. This is the first of a series of albums to be released containing original compositions by Sy Kushner, influenced by a lifetime of experiences, of lows and highs, of despair and hope, of darkness and light, and musical influences such as Chassidic, Israeli, klezmer  and Mideastern, to Irish, African, Latin and avant-garde.

Performed by: Aaron Alexander: Drums (tracks 1,6,7,12, 13, 14,15)
Osama Attia: Dumbek (track 13)
Jeremy Brown: Violin, Mandolin (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7,8, 9, 12, 14,15)
Marty Confurius: Electric and String Bass (all tracks except 11)
Aaron Kushner: Alto Sax (tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 15)
Sy Kushner: Accordion, Keyboards (all tracks)
Ken Maltz: Clarinet (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 15)
Don Mulvaney: Bongos, Conga (track 6)
Dan Peisach: Trombone (tracks 1,7, 15)
Avram Pengas: Bouzouki, Electric and Acoustic Guitar (tracks 6,13,14).
This CD, the second of original works by Sy Kushner, illustrates the diversity of his music. From the majestic “March” to the reflective and unsettling “Tranquillatease”, from experiments in time in “The Meter is Running”, “Pentaklez”, and “3(+1)”, to the klezmer  bass piece, “To D.J. from S.K.,” Sy displays great variety in his musical palette. There is also a piece dedicated to The Bronx, New York neighborhood in which he grew up (“Soundview Waltz”). The soulfulness and spirituality of “Kush Nigun” shows the Chassidic connection in Sy’s music. Influences ranging from rock in “A is C” to both klezmer  and Israeli folk dance in “Back to A” are present on this CD. Sy takes us on a multifaceted musical journey but always with Jewish sensibilities. So fasten your seatbelt and come along for the musical journey.

Performed by: Aaron Alexander: Drums, Percussion
Jeff Ausfahl: Acoustic Guitar
Jeremy Brown: Violin
Marty Confurius: Electric and String Bass, Cello
Ron Horton: Trumpet
Aaron Kushner: Alto Saxophone
Sy Kushner: Accordion, Keyboards
Ken Maltz: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Mike Coon: Electric Guitars
George Zorko: Trombone
...from my soul...
…from my soul… marks the third CD release of a series of original Jewish music by Sy Kushner. Along with music influenced by traditional Israeli, Chassidic, and klezmer  music, there is a square dance-influenced tune with klezmer  influences (Hoy Down), a Middle Eastern influenced tune (Terkush) and a klezmer  version of Happy Birthday (Happy Bulgarday). There is also a piece composed in tribute to Israeli folk dance giant of the ‘60’s, Fred Berk, who was instrumental in teaching and choreographing a generation of people at the 92nd Street Y in New York City (Thank You Fred). The CD closes with a 10 minute suite of variations on Hatikvah, the Israel National Anthem. Departing from the traditional clarinet centered klezmer  album, this CD features Sy on accordion backed by some of New York’s finest klezmer  musicians. We hope this CD takes you to nostalgic places as well as to new musical adventures.
Performed by: Aaron Alexander: Drums
Jeremy Brown: Violin
Marty Confurius: Electric and String Bass, Cello
Richard Khuzami: Dumbek, Riq, Bendir
Aaron Kushner: Alto Saxophone
Sy Kushner: Accordion
Ken Maltz: Tenor Saxophone
Todd Schwartz: Trumpet
Mark Sganga: Acoustic Guitars
George Zorko: Trombone
Klez, Kush, & Son
This album is the fourth and latest of a series of new music by Sy Kushner featuring Sy on accordion and his son, Aaron on alto sax, backed up by some of New York’s leading klezmer  musicians.  This album consists of original Jewish music with Mideast (To Ariel), Latin (Merenglez), Israeli (Israhora), as well as klezmer  and Chassidic influences.
Sy Kushner Accordion
Aaron Kushner Alto Saxophone
Aaron Alexander Drums
Jeremy Brown Violin
Marty Confurius Electric and String Bass
Ken Gross Trumpet Koby Hayon Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Richard Khuzami Doumbek and Riq
Ken Maltz Clarinet
Moshe Sobol Latin Percussion
Nadav-Snir Selniker Doumbek
George Zorko Trombone
This CD features Sy Kushner on accordion, Alexander Fedoriouk on tsimbl (hammered dulcimer), Marty Confurius on bass and special guest artist Ken Maltz on clarinet. The group was committed to the preservation of traditional klezmer  music. Sy’s goal was to recreate the early klezmer  ensemble sound. The recording was achieved through a distinctive collaboration among three virtuoso musicians who recreated an old sound that is refreshingly new. 
The New Jewish Sound
Re-release of a classic! This 1966 vinyl record would become a trendsetter in the field of contemporary Chassidic music for years to come. Now remastered and the original artwork transferred, the album is available on CD. The CD itself looks like a miniature record with grooves! Truly a collectors item and great gift for music lovers.

The following is an excerpt from the liner notes of the original 1966 Mark 3 recording:
“On a mild July evening, seven years ago [1960], on a semi-lit stage in Camp Hi-Li, three musicians (who
were to become known as The Mark 3) met and played their first note together. To all present, it was
obvious that they were witnessing the birth of a sound-a sound that was to bring to Israeli and Chassidic
music a depth which it had never before known.

The Mark 3 followed their own musical inclinations and blended the sound of the times with the music of
the past. In Jewish music the clarinet had always predominated with the orchestra serving as a
background. The Mark 3 attempted to weave a musical fabric wherein each instrument contributes its
unique characteristics to a superb tonal blend. One hears a robust, full bodied, engrossing sound.
Almost overnight they were catapulted into the center of the Jewish musical world playing concerts,
weddings, and music festivals.”

July 2018 marks the 58th anniversary of the founding of The Mark 3, and 52 years since Sy Kushner, Ben
Hulkower and Jordan Penkower released “The New Jewish Sound-The Mark 3 Orchestra and Singers .
It was to become the seminal opus: an album that was to influence the course of Jewish music for years
to come. Combining New World Jewish melodies with an Old World klezmer  beat, The Mark 3 used the
accordion, alto sax, tenor sax, string bass, electric guitar, clarinet, trombone and drums in a manner not
previously heard in Jewish music. Each instrument had an equal voice in the ensemble sound while the
solo quality of each instrument was also highlighted. The Mark 3 performed at concerts, NCSY(National
Conference of Synagogue Youth) conventions, as well as weddings and Bar-Bat Mitzvahs and dinners.
They were one of the most sought after groups of the 60’s. Nulite Music proudly announces the re-
release of this album in CD format. We hope that a new generation will experience the joys of this
timeless music and all generations will reacquaint themselves with this classic.

Full size liner notes from the original record jacket are available from
Ben Hulkower: Drums
Sy Kushner: Accordion
Jordan Penkower: Alto Sax
Chizik Epstein: Clarinet
Harvey Goldin : Tenor Sax, Clarinet solo on Mizmor L’Dovid, Flute solo on Dabeir Eilai Bifrachim
Rick Heckendorn: String Bass
Jack Leone: Electric Guitar
Hy Simon: Trombone
Mike Chernick, Jackie Gross, Monty Penkower
This book contains transcriptions of the music on the Arise! album in the original keys so if you wish, you can play along with the CD.
This book contains transcriptions of the music on the Journeys album in the original keys so if you wish, you can play along with the CD.
...from my soul...
This book contains transcriptions of the music on the ...from my soul... album in the original keys so if you wish, you can play along with the CD.
Klez, Kush, & Son
This book contains transcriptions of the music on the Klez, Kush & Son album in the original keys so if you wish, you can play along with the CD.
The New Jewish Sound
This book contains transcriptions of the music on the Mark 3 album in the original keys so if you wish, you can play along with the CD.
Klezmer Fake Book Vol. 1 & 2
These books contain transcriptions of 20 klezmer  melodies which were recorded by the masters of klezmer  music in the early 1900’s. Painstaking care was taken to transcribe the melodies with great accuracy.
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