Sy Kushner has been dedicated to the dissemination of classic klezmer melodies through books and recordings for over two decades. With the release of the Klezmer Music Fakebook Volume One and Volume Two for C and Bb instruments, many musicians have access to previously unpublished klezmer  music. In addition, the release of the CD, KlezSqueeze

The Sy Kushner Jewish Music Ensemble, recreated the music and sound of the early 1900’s klezmer ensemble, and features accordion, tsimbl (hammered dulcimer) and string bass. In 2008, Nulite Music released the first of an ongoing project of Sy’s original works - Arise! New Jewish Music by Sy Kushner , and the books, Arise! Volume One for C and for Bb instruments, which contain the music on the CD. This was followed by “Journeys”, New Jewish Music by Sy Kushner, Vol. 2, in 2009, and from my soul, Vol. 3 in 2010.

In November 2013, Nulite Music released “The Sy Kushner Jewish Music Ensemble”, Volume Four: Klez, Kush & Son. The album features Sy Kushner on accordion with third generation klezmer  musician, Aaron Kushner on alto sax backed up by some of New York’s finest klezmer musicians. Influenced by Israeli folk dance, Mideast, Latin, Chassidic and klezmer  music, the album breaks new ground in the field of Jewish music. 

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